Beautiful design with modern UI

Easy visual representation of your menstrual cycle in a calendar view. Our tracker starts by asking you to input the date of your last period, which will be used as the starting point for calculating your future menstrual cycles.

  • Carefully designed

    Our Period and Fertility Tracker features a detailed calendar that allows you to easily track your menstrual cycle and fertility window. The calendar displays the approximate date of your next period, as well as the estimated start and end dates of your fertile window.

  • Cicle Journal

    We understand that every woman's body is unique, which is why we also provide an option for you to enter any irregular cycles or changes in your usual symptoms. This allows our algorithm to adjust and give you the most accurate predictions possible.

  • Set reminders

    Our tracker also helps you with reminders, you can set reminders for taking birth control pills or for your next period.


Beautiful interface

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